Lumi Active World - Reetta Päällysaho

Reetta is the owner of Lumi Active World Brand. She does it with her whole heart. She is passionate Surfer, Snowboarder & Yogi.

Lumi Active World - Instructors

Lumi Active World Surf , Snowboarding, Skateboarding & Yoga Instructors: Where ever we offer our Active Camps we always use professionals, to give you a best possible experience. All of our instructors are real professionals.

Lumi Active World - Jykä Päällysaho

Jykä is the co-owner of Lumi Active World brand. He is passioned surfer. & Snowboarder He really respects and loves the Mother Nature. He used to worked as a full time as a Fire Fighter and a Rescue Diver.
Email: lumisurfworld (a)
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