Lumi Active World - Reetta Päällysaho

Reetta is the owner of Lumi Active World Brand. She does it with her whole heart. She is passionate Surfer, Snowboarder & Yogi.

Lumi Active World - Gwénaëlle Devaux

Gwénaëlle is part of our Lumi Family with her beautiful daughter Lune. Gwénaëlle keeps Yoga and Streching classes and Art classes in our camps all aroung the world. 
She is passionate and really highly educated instructor. She loves to travel and meet new people.

Lumi Active World - Instructors

Lumi Active World Surf , Snowboarding, Skateboarding & Yoga Instructors: Where ever we offer our Active Camps we always use local professionals, to give you a best possible experience. All of our instructors are real professionals.

Lumi Active World - Jykä Päällysaho

Jykä is the co-owner of Lumi Active World brand. He is passioned surfer. & Snowboarder He really respects and loves the Mother Nature. He used to worked as a full time as a Fire Fighter and a Rescue Diver.
Email: lumisurfworld (a)
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