Lumi Surf - Beginners

Always remember it is never too late to start surfing. And also it is never too early to start surfing. and there is nothing to be shamed of being beginner.  When you start, just take few lessons from instructors, to make it more easier for you.
We always say that before you have surfed constantly (meaning 5-7 days in a week) about 7 years, you are beginner.

Lumi Surf - Intermediate

Even as a intermediate level surfer, you can learn from the others and from the ocean. Respect the locals and the ocean, Being part of the surfing community is something really unique and beautiful.

Lumi Surf - Advanced

As a advanced level surfer you can go anywhere. We would go to Banzai Pipeline, Teahupoo, Padang Padang, Hossegor....just to name few amazing spots in the world. Just go around the world and surf 

Lumi Surf - Yoga for Surfers

Yoga is perfect for surfers. It is really good for keeping your mind calm, how to breath and control your breath. Also strech your muscles is really important for you as surfer. Yoga gives lot of muscle strength and balance too, so if you haven´t try yet you should start it right away. 
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